Welcome to TRIAX 2015

TRIAX 2015 is a brand that is the culmination of more than 30 years of dedication to technical excellence and injury prevention through compliance with Standards throughout the world. It all began with an idea that Paul J. Hogan had which garnered a grant from the US CDC, leading to development of a portable test device to protect children and reduce injury severity.


TRIAX 2015 Calibration

The TRIAX 2015 is a certification sophisticated electronic measuring instrument. Like all electronic instruments, periodic factory calibration (at most once every two years) is required to ensure proper operation and compensate for variation inherent in all electronic devices. The TRIAX 2015 system has a full factory calibration program in place and operating now. As with a new system, recalibrated systems are supplied with a calibration certificate verifying that the calibration was completed as required, and should be supplied to users of testing services to prove compliance with standards.

To ensure proper operation between factory calibration the TRIAX 2015 system is supplied with a reference mat that has been tested at the factory. Before each use the operator performs a set of drops on the reference mat and confirms that the results match those obtained by the factory when the TRIAX 2015 system was freshly calibrated. If deviation beyond acceptable limits is observed this alerts the operator that the system needs attention and possible repair. The reference mat protocol prevents an operator from performing tests which would be inaccurate and a waste of time.